can we bring yo momma jokes back yet? this is very important guys.



Can’t wait to travel with friends when I’m older

i want to do this when i go to ny



I went and saw Peter and the Starcatcher on thursday! It was so beyond fantastic. As I was leaving the theatre, I noticed that the floor was COVERED with unwanted playbills. I immediately thought of how many people I knew from tumblr that would LOVE to have one. So I told the friends I was with to snag some when they saw them, so between two of us, we managed to grab 22 extra playbills.

So, I’ll be giving away 20 of those playbills over the next several weeks. I’ll draw for five winners at a time, and then once I get those playbills shipped out, I’ll give it a little bit and then draw for the next five! I’m a seventeen year old girl paying for shipping out, so bare with me on how long it takes to get them sent out.


  • You’ve gotta be following me to win! Sorry, but it’s common courtesy folks. 

  • I obviously can’t do anything about this, but please don’t enter if you have a playbill from this show already. Let other theatre fans have a chance!

  • They’re not signed, sorry if that changes anything :P

  • You can reblog as many times as you like, but please try not to reblog like twenty times in a row, that is bothersome to me as well as your followers.

  • Likes do count!

  • The first batch of five winners will be announced January 15th!

 Any questions, comments or concerns can be brought here! 

Good luck, I hope it wasn’t silly of me to grab so many, I hope you enjoy!  

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